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Tubular Membranes

Tubular Membranes

Tubes can be used individually or grouped together in a package. Membranes are placed inside a support porous tube, and these tubes are placed together in a cylindrical shell to form the unit module. Tubular devices are primarily used in MF and UF applications because of their ability to handle process streams with high solids and high viscosity properties, as well as for their relative ease of cleaning. Membrane area per unit volume is small, and fouling is mainly eliminated by mechanical cleaning:

Benefits of Tubular Membranes

Tubular membranes have high durability due to their rugged construction and are extremely foulant-resistant. In cross-flow mode, the rugged large-diameter tubes allow for high velocity in the tubes even with very dirty process fluids. This maintains maximum “sweeping” action at the membrane surface and minimises foulant build-up and clogging, even with high suspended solids.

Applications of Tubular Membranes

Textile & Dye

Hyflux Tubular Membrane Products

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