Standard Membrane Systems for Hospitality Industry

It is always the core aspirations of the hospitality industry to provide the best standards and services to its exclusive clientele. Yoma Strategic Holding is a leading business corporation with real estate, agriculture, automotive, luxury tourism and retail/F&B businesses in Myanmar. Its real estate arm has developed the Pun Hlaing Golf Estate in Myanmar that spans 637 acres in the heart of Yangon.


Pun Hlaing Golf Estate (PHGE) is a leading golf estate that encompasses residences, an 18-hole golf course, golf country club, an international hospital and school. Since 1997, PHGE has been constantly developing the estate to provide a secure and pollution-free environment for its members and residents.

In order to provide high grade potable water for its residents, PHGE had constructed conventional water filtration systems in two different areas. Residents complained of poor drinking water quality with suspended solids visible in their water source and unsightly view of the conventional filtration systems. The management of PHGE was keen to upgrade the conventional filtration technology to a membrane technology for higher quality water.


Hyflux’s Kristal® Ultrafiltration Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis system (UF+BWRO) was chosen to replace the conventional water filtration systems. Hyflux was tasked to design and supply two standard systems of 50% capacity concept with a total capacity of 1,000m3/d. The systems were centralised to one area instead of two different places which made the facility easier to control. Aesthetic features were considered whereby all tanks were constructed underground below the system facility, minimizing the space utilised and maintained the scenery of the estate. Hyflux’s Standard Membrane Systems provided a total solution to PHGE with:

Efficiency and Reliability

The total capacity of 1,000m3/d is spilt under two sets of Kristal Ultrafiltration (UF) and Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO) systems. This structure allows one system to function as a back-up to another in case of downtime or emergency shut-down of the system. This design ensures the constant production of high grade potable water.

Packaged Solutions

The 2 systems are engineered, pre-assembled and quality tested in Singapore, this eased the on-site installation work. Less manpower was needed which meant cost savings for the management. The project lead time was also greatly shortened.

Convenience in Capacity Expansion

Taking into consideration the estate’s developmental plan to cater for more residents and external visitors, Hyflux Standard Membrane System is modular and easily expandable to meet the increasing needs for high grade potable water production in the future by simply adding more packaged systems. There is no need to purchase individual parts. Before its construction, the system was designed to allow space for more modules to be added up to 2,500m3/d.

Utilisation of Kristal® Ultrafiltration

Hyflux’s proprietary Kristal® UF membranes were used in the system as pre-treatment for the Reverse Osmosis (RO) for brackish water. The Kristal® UF membranes can effectively remove contaminants like suspended solids and microorganisms. Kristal® UF membranes are well-known for its constant high quality permeate which produces far superior quality of potable water compared to conventional filtration technology. The system is energy efficient operating at less than 1.3 kWH/m3.


Prior to the design of systems, the feed water was analysed.

The result presented high levels of total dissolved solids (TDS) in the bore well water hence brackish water reverse osmosis is recommended. Most of the heavy metals particles were below detection limit but the level of manganese was around 8.6mg/L, greatly affecting the water quality. The system for the estate was designed as shown :



After the commissioning of the system, the water analysis of the RO permeate indicated a drop of TDS level to 57mg/L, turbidity to 1NTU and manganese to zero which were all below the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) drinking water guidelines.

Now, the system is fully in operation and the estate is able to provide high quality potable water to around 5,000 residents and guests.