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A textile factory in Bogota, the capital city of Colombia, relies on Kristal® to reclaim most of its 2000 m3 of daily produced wastewater. Functioning as a UF pretreatment before RO, Kristal® keeps the lifespan of the RO membranes to a maximum, while at the same time improving the flux and providing a high UF recovery rate of about 93%.

In the steel industry, a large amount of degreasing agent is required in degreasing solutions used to skim off oil and grease from iron and steel surfaces. As the degreasing and cleaning ability of the agent decreases after each subsequent use, there is a consistent need for it to be replenished in the solution.

Regular surface water consists of a wide range of contaminants including bacterial proliferation, particulates, organic contaminants, metallic contaminants and anionic contaminants. Such contaminated water is deemed unsuitable for the manufacturing of semi-conductors that demands de-ionized and filtered water that is completely free from unwanted contaminants.

It is always the core aspirations of the hospitality industry to provide the best standards and services to its exclusive clientele. Yoma Strategic Holding is a leading business corporation with real estate, agriculture, automotive, luxury tourism and retail/F&B businesses in Myanmar. Its real estate arm has developed the Pun Hlaing Golf Estate in Myanmar that spans 637 acres in the heart of Yangon.

Ranked as the third largest chemical market in Asia, the Indian chemical industry currently holds up to 3 percent market share of the global industry. As the Indian market continues to experience vigorous growth across the various industrial sectors, the Indian chemical industry is expected to experience an upsurge. In May 2014, according to Nadir Godrej, the chairman of CII National Committee on Chemicals, the government’s target is to reach 6 percent of the global industry by 2020.