Textile and Dye

Weaving Innovative Water Technology for Cleaner Textile Discharge

Some of the key challenges Textile manufacturers face include stringent discharge regulations, rising cost of freshwater, water shortage and hard-to-treat contaminants in wastewaters. Suspended solids, Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), as well as strong colours and high pH values are examples of contaminants that are difficult to treat. Membrane technology not only promises high removal efficiencies, but also allows reuse of water.

Reuse of treated textile wastewater can be utilised in many water intensive processes such as rinsing, washing and bleaching. Finer processes such as printing and coating of textile products, particularly in lighter colours, require higher grade of pure water achievable by reverse osmosis (RO) process.

Our Solution

Hyflux’s engineering expertise and technology in textile wastewater treatment and reuse allow manufacturers to save cost and time with reliable systems. Offering a full range of customised solutions for textile manufacturers, Hyflux has good track records in helping manufacturers with tough textile wastewater treatment using the innovative Containerised MBR systems.

Remove Dye Stuff, Salts and Chemicals

The key contaminants in textile industries include the dye colours in wastewater, metals in dyes, and salts. Reverse osmosis (RO) and Hyflux's Kristal® ultrafiltration (UF) membranes can effectively remove these contaminants, while our system designs save cost through water reuse.

Reuse of Treated Textile Wastewater

Kristal® UF membranes and RO membranes show great potential for direct reuse of dye bath wastewaters. As part of an integrated solution, Hyflux's Standard Membrane Systems (SMS) help effective water recovery from textile wastewaters, reducing operating costs and improving discharged wastewater qualities.

Concentrate Dye Stuff

Insoluble dyes that remain in the water can be readily concentrated by a system using Kristal® UF membranes. The concentrate can be blended with fresh dyes for reuse, reducing the amount of new fresh dyes and subsequently saving cost.

Products and Systems


Pre-treatment of Feed Water

Water quality is paramount in high quality dye operations. Kristal® UF membranes remove colour particles that result in uneven dying, and, colloidal materials which cause spotting, allowing a higher consistency in dye operation.

Products and Systems