Semiconductor and Microelectronics

Precise Water Treatment for Pristine Manufacturing Applications

Semiconductor and microelectronics industry produces highly delicate products and demands large amount of water for its manufacturing process. To benefit the stable production flow, constant supply of ultrapure water is essential. Facing the shortage of water resources and stricter environmental regulations, wastewater recovery for reuse of process water is as important as ultrapure water production.

Our Solution to Your Water Needs

Hyflux’s years of expertise in membrane manufacturing, systems design and solution development combined with our proprietary Kristal ultrafiltration membrane provide reliable high quality water. Hyflux’s water treatment capabilities ensure production integrity with high quality water required for semiconductor and microelectronics production. Effective Hyflux water treatment systems also help keep operation cost low with optimal water efficiency, and at the same time, fulfil industry environmental requirements.

Pre-treatment filtration

Semiconductor or microelectronics manufacturing requires high-grade ultrapure water. As part of ultrapure water production, Hyflux provides Kristal® ultrafiltration (UF) membranes as pre-treatment before reverse osmosis (RO) and Continuous Electrodeionisation(CEDI). The system package can also be delivered in compact design.

Products and Systems


Ultrapure Water Production

Hyflux has the capability to cover the most crucial part of manufacturing process by producing ultrapure water. The systems are designed with CEDI together with polisher mixed bed, producing water that is able to maintain continuous resistivity of 18.2mΩ.

Products and Systems


Wastewater treatment

As important as ultrapure water production, wastewater treatment allows efficiency in raw water consumption to produce process water and ensures that the discharge stream meets discharge requirements.