Uninterrupted Water Supply for Continual Power Generation

The global increase in energy demand has led to a spike in the number of thermoelectric power plants built. Thermoelectric power production is a thirsty process requiring huge amount of water for their boilers and cooling towers. Coupled with global water demand, power companies need to be strategic with efficient water management in water recycling and reuse. Increasingly strict environment regulations in wastewater discharge also pose additional challenges to the power industry.

Our Solution

Hyflux provides water and wastewater treatment for process water and cooling water that meets quality requirements regardless of the water source, with capability in producing high quality demineralised water for boilers and power plant operations. With expertise in building and operating power plants, Hyflux’s system design has been proven cost effective in efficient water usage and safe in water discharge requirements.

Water Pre-treatment

For power plant operation, pre-treatment is critical for the water quality required prior to boiler feed water treatment or cooling tower make-up water. Hyflux’s Kristal® ultrafiltration (UF) membranes effectively remove suspended solids and reduce silica and organic particles that disturb plant operation.

Products and Systems


Boiler Feed Water

For power generation process, high quality demineralised water is necessary. Hyflux's Ultrapure Water Systems provide a perfect solution for boiler feed water treatment to help power plant operate in an optimal and reliable condition.

Products and Systems


Water Recycling/Condensate Polishing

Wastewater stream from cooling towers can be recycled back to cooling tower as process water. For boilers, Hyflux provides condensate polishing which reduces particle contents and dissolved substances like iron and copper, and recovers high quality demineralised water from the boiler condensate.

Wastewater Treatment for Disposal

The waste stream from process water treatment, vessels and other facilities need to conform to strict local discharge regulations. Hyflux water systems deliver effective cost-savings by effectively treating effluent to meet the required discharge requirements.

Products and Systems