Reliable Systems for the Stringent Pharmaceutical Industry

With their impact on public health and safety, pharmaceutical manufacturing processes require extremely stringent water quality such as ultrapure water while the wastewater output contains a high concentration of organic effluent. Positioned in an environment where water scarcity is a rising concern, water efficiency and safe wastewater management are increasingly critical for sustainable pharmaceutical manufacturing operations.

Our Solution

From our vast expertise in system design, plant construction and membrane production, Hyflux provides the full spectrum of solutions from supporting in the production of ultrapure water, to management and treatment of wastewater. A well designed system will be exceptional in treating, recycling and reusing its own effluent for efficient and cost effective processes.

Ultrapure Water Production

To meet strict pharmaceutical-grade water standards, reliable production of ultrapure water is crucial, especially in the production of water for sanitation purposes. Hyflux is able to provide the system that produces ultrapure water with TOC of less than 0.1ppm.

Products and Systems


Pre-treatment Filtration

Hyflux's Kristal® ultrafiltration (UF) membranes are proven effective pre-treatment in the production of ultrapure water, with installation options of either fitting the system within a plant or as a modular standard membrane system

Products and Systems


Wastewater Treatment and Reuse

Meeting effluent discharge standards becomes challenging when organic compounds are present in the water. High levels of oil and grease, varying pH standards, and suspended solid levels require specialised treatment with Hyflux’s Standard membrane systems (SMS) and Containerised MBR systems.

Production for Process

Manufacturing pharmaceutical products often requires the separation of ingredients during the production process. Hyflux’s FerroCep® stainless steel membrane technology is more effective in the separation process compared to traditional clarifiers, resulting in higher productivity.

Products and Systems