Oil and Gas

Refining the Cutting-edge of Oil and Gas Operations

Water plays an important role in Oil and Gas operations, with its usage permeating at all levels of the oil production value chain. Stricter environmental regulations on wastewater disposal, combined with increased use of water in unconventional exploration and production methods such as hydraulic fracking and oil well flooding, water management has become a necessary paradigm for the oil and gas sector with water management estimated to account for 27 – 53% of the total operation expenditure for an oil well.

Our Solution

Hyflux’s expertise in membrane technology can be applied at critical junctures of the industry’s value chain. By treating flowback from hydraulic fracking, as well as the oily water from water flooding, we reduce long term operating costs by optimising crude oil recovery and recycling catalysts.

Upstream Oil & Gas Exploration

Unconventional oil and gas explorations such as Hydraulic Fracking use large quantities of water and chemical mixtures. Chemicals from the flowback can be isolated and separately treated to ensure safe wastewater disposal.

Water Injection

Water injection, or water flooding, is used to maximise crude oil recovery. Hyflux can separate oil from produced water, increasing the efficiency of the oil wells. Water is also purified before injection, ensuring the oil wells do not become contaminated in the long run.

Suspended Solids Removal

Oil and gas operations require water to be utilised in high pressure, high velocity environments. Hyflux can produce water of varying purity ensuring that impurities such as suspended solids do not result in the wear and tear of operational equipment.