Extracting the Most Value with Astute Water Management

The mining industry operates in difficult and isolated terrains where clean water is not commonly accessible. Being a key element in mining operations, a constant water supply for smooth operations is crucial. Mining also produces wastewater from the extraction process that can be high in acidity, corrosive metals and other toxic contaminants that challenges discharge standards.

Our Solution

As a membrane manufacturer, system designer, and integrated solution provider, Hyflux can address that the mining industry’s water management needs, starting from the pre-treatment phase up till the wastewater disposal stage. In addition to ensuring efficient water supply and complying to wastewater discharge standards, we can cut down overall operating costs with integrated water reuse systems.

Water Pre-treatment

Treating raw water to meet quality standards for process water is crucial. Hyflux’s Kristal® ultrafiltration (UF) membranes are developed through years of experience in producing consistent, high quality water. An integrated system package solution can also be provided with Hyflux's Standard Membrane Systems (SMS). 

Products and Systems


Mineral Extraction

Wastewater from the extraction process contains valuable minerals and other metals. Hyflux’s FerroCep® stainless steel membranes separate mineral particles from wastewater, meeting environmental regulations for wastewater discharge, while recovering minerals to retain valued product.

Products and Systems


Process Water Recycling / Disposal

Water used for processing ore can be treated and recycled as process water. This reduces the overall water usage while meeting safe wastewater disposal requirements.

Temporary Water Management

Supply of potable water to mine camps is as important as water supply to mine sites. Hyflux’s containerised SMS are mobile and easy to install, supporting quick set up of camps to supply potable water as well as treat wastewater.

Acid Mine Drainage

Rainwater on mines often results in acidic water flooding the mines. Disposal of this water is a strict regulated process, and Hyflux can support the safe, clean disposal of treated water from mines.