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Hollow Fibre Membranes
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Hollow Fibre Membranes

Packed in extreme high density, hollow fibres can range from smaller than a strand of human hair to bristles several hundred microns in diameter. Hollow fibre devices are used in both UF and RO applications.

Fibres are produced by extrusion through annular dies. Thousands of strands are tightly bundled and bonded at the end into potting. The bundles are usually housed in PVC or stainless steel. When applied in a suitable application, hollow fibre membranes are more economical and cost effective than conventional separation methods.

Benefits of Hollow Fibre Membranes

When used properly, Hyflux’s well-designed hollow fibre devices can function for years without replacement. These devices can be operated at high pressure, allowing them to desalt highly concentrated seawater. In special applications, they can be operated as high as 138 bar (2,000 psig).

Hollow fibre is a flexible membrane; it can carry out the filtration by either "inside-out" or "outside-in".

Hyflux’s cross flow hollow fibre membrane also reduces fouling as the fluid flows from the inside of the hollow fibre and pass through to the outside of the membrane. Despite the size of the hollow fibre membrane being smaller than other types of membrane, its circular structure allows a higher surface area which in turn, yields a higher performance.

Applications Hollow Fibre Membranes

Brackish water desalination
Potable water
Food & Beverage Industry

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